Why ‘harvester lake’?

harvester is someone who helps gather the harvest. But the harvest does not come without hard work, fierce resolve, and ambiguity. It does not come without knowing that there are powers beyond our control. It does not always come when we hope it will.

No matter how hard we work at something, a harvester knows that some seasons will not be fruitful in the way we expect.  Rather, the work provides the necessary ‘nutrients’ for another season….

So, despite the unknown—notwithstanding the work required—let’s approach each step of our day with gentleness: let’s make each move with focus and peace of mind. 

Yes, in the waiting, let’s greet each new moment with the serenity of a calm lake. With each new breath, let’s plant the seeds of hope and joy, of kindness and compassion.  Let’s tend to them and watch them grow.  Even miracles take a little time…so let’s stay grounded and wait with joyful expectation for what is to come!

And, oh, by the way, harvester lake is the also the root meaning behind my hyphenated first name: Terri-Lynn (!)

We all have a purpose. Come walk with me.

“It’s like planting a garden: the harvester puts the seed in soil, and waters it when the clouds don’t open naturally. But, the harvester can certainly not take claim for the creation of the seed in the first place. They merely do their part, knowing that there are higher powers at play that are beyond their control”.  (A Voice in the Stillness)