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Come join our 10th Winter Solstice celebration on Wednesday, December 21st from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The evening will feature performances from Myriad Ensemble conducted by Elise Naccarato, Lacey Hill, Ronley Teper, Anju Kakkar, Terri-Lynn Ledger, and Hannah Fogel, with a special guest appearance by Walt Rickli, Sculptor and creator of the beloved public sculpture gardens in Lowville. 

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Previous Events

Join Terri-Lynn Ledger (Harvester Lake) and Melanie Groves (Metamorphosis Healing) for our <<Letting Go & Letting Flow>> around-the-campfire workshop. In the spirit of keeping sessions intimate, deeply personal, & healing-focused, we are offering two separate sessions.

“There was stillness/ movement/ quiet reflection/ break time – felt perfect! Thank you so much!”

“Worthwhile experience, glad I came”

“Very peaceful energy, intriguing thoughts evoked . Are there additional get-togethers?”

I loved this! The energy from the setting, the people, and especially the words

#ThinkSpot Thursdays – This week we have @Terri Lynn Ledger joining us to talk about why she wrote the book “A Voice in the Stillness… Slowing Down and Listening Up”. From reading the book, there is a lifetime of experience being explored in a way that helps me frame things in a new way (ouch – it’s the joy part). Especially when I can see myself in her book and realizing how easily I have been down similar paths.

Join us this Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 at 7:30pm – between the drumming meditation and thoughtful insights from our guests – it’s a beautiful way to recharge and reignite ourselves for the journey.

“What a powerful interview. Honest, thoughtful and inspiring. Made me want to read the book all over again”

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