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“The fact that you were born, that you were created, is enough.”




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“A honest and beautifully written thought provoking book. Inspiring and courageous. The writer opens her heart to us all”. Sue

Terri-Lynn Ledger seemed to have it all—a husband and two children, a strong faith, and a successful career—but, after almost two decades in the demanding corporate world, her job was made redundant. Her busy lifestyle terminated abruptly. Her world shaken—yet she was inexplicably calm—and from this came the inspiration for what is written in these pages.

This soothing, yet thought-provoking book is a compilation of real-life experiences of finding balance between responsibilities and being true to your self. The stories are woven together with the deeper guidance that Ledger discovered when she embraced ‘slowing down and listening up’.

A Voice in the Stillness is for those of us who have come to the point in our lives where we feel that something is missing, that something is wrong, that there must be something bigger and deeper going on. It is for those of us who are eager and intrigued to learn how to quiet and train the mind to listen, to trust the wisdom of our soul, to remember the fullness and completeness of who we are, and to look at the future with joyful expectation.

A Voice in the Stillness is a vulnerable and honest account of self-discovery and realization, and a practical guide to transformation and evolution. The author’s reawakening is raw and profoundly universal.

Here is what else people are saying about the book:

A Voice in the Stillness took me on a spiritual journey that I didn’t know I needed. Terri-Lynn Ledger shares a story that is relatable, honest and brings the reader to a new level of awareness. This personal journey encourages the reader to stop living an ordinary life and be brave enough to strive for true happiness. It is a reminder to stop and listen to ourselves, for a change. This story is proof that you can achieve anything in life, if you are willing to put in the work. Great read!Stephen

“Terri-Lynn Ledger has a gift of writing. This book allows the reader to reflect and contemplate ones own life. I found the content very relatable, and as I read – it filled me with peace and hope. It’s a book I will keep on my favourite books shelf and come back to!” Marriann

“This true story teaches you to never give up no matter what issues you face…to keep on believing in yourself and learn to embrace the natural growth we can all achieve.” Jen

“A voice in the stillness is an honest and thought-provoking story of the author, Terri-Lynn Ledger. This book came to me when I needed it the most. It took me on a journey and showed me a world beyond what I used to see and experience everyday. It talked to me as if it knew what was happening in my life, gave me advice and helped me calm down my chaotic mind. I revisit this book quite often and let it guide me and remind me of why I’m here. I highly recommend this book to those who are searching for meaning.” Patrick

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